The NOT so new Covers of The First Five Episodes of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories!

RTBS_E1_FinalWith our co-author Riley Ross taking time away from writing in the group, Ty and I wished her the best of luck! Ross is a talented writer who deserves credit for her with Mike and Juliet’s story The Getaway, and Nothing Else Matters. Those are who wonderful words. She will be releasing them on her own sometime in the near future, and we wish her the best of luck in her endeavors.

RTBS_E2_FINALNow as you can see we’ve made some changes to the cover, this is to reflect the stories of old featuring Ty Langston and myself. For a limited time you can still purchase the Original Season One, but eventually the print book will be no more as well.  There will be a box set coming sometime in the 2014 Featuring all of our Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories in one location! We’re excited about that!

RTBS_E3_FINAL RTBS2_E4_Final RTBS2_E5_Final You will noticed that the books did come down for a short period of time, but that was to allow the covers to be redone and the stories reformatted. You will still have The Genesis Project, Crave, Mail Order Groom, and Red Hawk Mercenary: Ghost. You will also get to meet the talented Dovey Mayali Craulk who is our featured author in Episode 6, Season 2.

She will be in Season 3 Full time and going forward.  We hope that you will like the NOT so New Covers, and still come out and support Ty and myself. The Cover Reveal for Season 2 Episode 6 is set to be unleashed on Friday!


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