Episode 1 Chapter 1 of The Genesis Project w/ Giveaway by Tigris Eden

Greetings and Salutations some of you may or may not have heard about the New Release: Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories by Author’s Ty Langston, Tigris Eden, and Riley Ross… Here’s a chance for you not only to get a sneak peak of this wonderful book but also meet the Authors! And enter for a chance to win your own free copy of Episode 1.

There will be three episodes and each will continue forward with the story from the previous episode. Now here is a chance to read Chapter 1 of Tigris Eden’s The Genesis Project…. Enjoy!

Tigris Eden

Chapter 1

“Stage one complete, cellular regeneration has started.”

The sound of air being vacuumed from the heated chamber was loud. It made a hissing noise as the vent continued to suck the air out of its space. In order for the regeneration process to continue, there could be no contamination of particles. The chamber needed to be void of oxygen and hydrogen in order to create the life from the cloned cells currently housed on top of a small petri dish.

“Stage two complete, molecular levels are stable, adding Nuero-Technology.”

Nuero-Technology was added to make the cells stronger and infuse them with technology that would allow for enhanced processing of the bodies functions; functioning in a capacity that would allow the subject to heal, but to also deduce any problems that its body encountered as a whole. The electrical highways that connected the brain would also function at a higher level allowing the subject to process information at an accelerated pace. Vaggo decided this was necessary in order to further the survival of his species. If the body healed faster it would also produce faster, or at least that was the hypothesis.
The A.I. computer counted down the seconds until the Nuero Gas was dispersed inside the chamber penetrating each cells membranes, and infusing the atoms with a dose of the Genesis Gene. This new strain had to work, Vaggo thought. If everything went well there would be a cure. A cure they so long ago, thought would never happen.

“Stage three complete, Nuero-Technology infused. Placing embryo in stasis.”
Vaggo watched as the tiny cells were carefully moved by A.I.’s mechanic arm and gently placed in the incubator. He was literally balancing himself on the edge of his seat, praying everything would turn out alright. The species depended on it.

“Shall I give the embryo the immune boost Dr. Vaggo?” A.I. asked in her crystal clear voice.

“Yes, let’s induce the immune boost by seventy-five percent and add retinal and muscles enhancements.” Vaggo replied. The embryo needed to survive as well as endure anything considered dangerous.

“Dr. Vaggo, if retinal and muscle enhancements are given, the embryo may not be able to regenerate.
There is a twenty percent chance during stasis that it may terminate.”

A.I. was practical and accurate; at times it made Vaggo want to shut her down for good. But electricity was sparse now and the council already rationed his use, he needed to get this done, so he could move on to the next stage in the process. The thought ran rampant through his mind, as he watched the cells regenerate in the petri dish inside the incubator. The arm stopped moving mid-way and seemed to stall. Vaggo stood and quietly approached A.I.’s work station.

“A.I. is there something wrong?”

“Awaiting your directive on retinal and muscle enhancements Dr. Vaggo.”


The arm moved over the incubator and Vaggo stepped back so he wouldn’t be near the delicate process. He watched with eyes that felt dry and scratchy. He blinked a couple of times and felt as if he’d just scrapped his eyes raw with sand paper. How long had he been at this?

Twelve long years and every attempt had failed. Tonight everything would be perfect, he’d calculated every step, every procedure and what he couldn’t figure out, A.I. had supplied the rest.

“Retinal and muscle enhancements have been injected Dr. Vaggo. Embryo has now been placed in stasis.”

The mechanical arm moved to the station board and input the locking sequence, securing the embryo in its chamber during its incubation period. Over the course of a week the embryo would be surrounded first by amniotic fluid and then placed in a womb like environment awaiting its birth.

Vaggo dragged a tired hand down his equally tired face and rose to go into his sleeping quarters. As he headed out the door he stopped and looked over his shoulder at the incubator one more time. The entire species depended on the rapidly generating cells in the petri dish.

Six Weeks Later

Vaggo smiled down at the squirming infant in his arms. Genetics was a tricky thing, but he’d finally gotten it right. The infant was perfect in every way. It hadn’t matter what the final outcome produced gender wise, as long as everything inside worked. What he’d gotten was a perfect little miracle, with ice, blue eyes surrounded by a golden circle, and a crown of silky black hair and honey, almond skin. He’d yet to give the infant a name and didn’t know if he should. A flawless golden toned face stared up at him in recognition. Beneath her skin you could see flecks of gold and blue veins that pulsed with life. An oddity he was sure, but out of her oddness was perfection.

He’d copied the genetic code from old text books he’d gathered from the science section at the Hall of Records. The books pre-dated the first Uni-war. The pages not marred by time or soiled fingers, they were legible and clear. How she ended up looking nothing like her kind was an anomaly. She was growing at an accelerated rate and it worried him. What if she died due to her rapidly aging body and he wasn’t able to harness her genetics in time for proper research? What if she fell ill? Vaggo stared down at the restless baby and decided then, he wouldn’t allow for either of the possibilities. She was his and he would keep her alive always. The baby needed a name, and only one would do- Genesis.

23 Rotations (Years) Later

“Why do we do this?”

“To ensure survival of our species father.”

“That’s correct Genesis.”

Vaggo kissed the top of his daughter’s head. There was no one like her. All of his experiments had been successful, but none of them had produced the same results or likeness as she did. She was the only one with her coloring, and skill set. Her body healed rapidly at an amazing rate and her learning skills were limitless it seemed. Her body had stopped showing signs of aging on her twenty third rotation. He’d done numerous cells counts and found that her cells were reproducing at a rapid rate, and destroying the old cells she no longer needed, keeping her in top form. Her stem cells reproduced at such a rate that it was staggering to see it in action. Vaggo had stopped using her as a donor over three rotations, especially when he couldn’t replicate her rapid cell regeneration patterns. It was something that had pleased Genesis to no end. She hated being prodded and prepped with needles.
Vaggo educated her in all things and she had far accelerated anyone of her caliber, or his. He’d kept her home, so that she wouldn’t be singled out and made fun of. The council had no idea that she was born from one of his creations. Genesis hadn’t been exposed to many of the social customs that were considered normal, but what scientist was? She was most happy in the lab, coming up with new and inventive ideas to further the species. A.I. was her friend and confidant. Vaggo had held off for as long as he could, and now that they were proof positive the species would survive and thrive in this new environment the earth had created it was time.

Vaggo handed Genesis her supplement injections and her clothing pack. The council saw her as a mutation, but Vaggo quickly squashed their concerns by telling them her blood was not sustainable by nutrient intake and this was her reason for having to take the supplement injections. To the council she was seen as a weak link. The council never paid too close attention to Genesis as long as Vaggo kept them happy with the latest and greatest developments in Project Harvest. Genesis injected her first set of supplements into her thigh and tossed the vial into the trash receptacle.

“Do not drink from any source of supplements, other than what I’ve provided you with. I will send you more on a weekly basis.”

Genesis nodded her head in agreement and checked her clothes pack.

“Don’t forget about your food allergen. Remember, hydroponically grown sustenance for you.”

“Yes father, I won’t forget.”

Vaggo laughed as his daughter now kissed the top of his head and bounded down the hall to the stairs where she would meet with the Chancellor’s son Adam. She was all grown up and in the twenty-three rotations since, Genesis bloomed into a beautiful and brilliant woman. She was perfect in every sense. Well except for her social skills. Those were lacking but she would quickly pick it up and adapt. It was part of her molecular make up and because of the Neuro-technology she would absorb the customs quickly. He pulled out the hallo-pic he’d taken of her just the other day. Long, silky, lustrous hair was bright against her honey almond skin tone. She was a sculptor’s most prized subject with her ageless beauty and classic lines. She was his daughter, and best creation all rolled into one. He couldn’t have asked the Moon Goddess herself for something so precious.

Vaggo sat in his chair and placed both hands on the table, as he waited for his rapidly beating heart to slow down. No one would suspect she was anything less or more than what she really was. Every other test subject had failed where she excelled, but their outcomes had all produced the desired effect, survival of the species. Each subject could rejuvenate at a rapid capacity, and by doing so kept their way of life, their only way of life alive.

Their supplements only went so far and their strength had been dwindling, taking a bit of their life force with it. It made them more susceptible to disease, and in the early time of colonization they hadn’t been able to overcome the simplest of human disease. Especially after the second Uni-war, but now there was hope, after so many loses, after so many trials and error, things were starting to get better. There was hope for their future.

There were others out there that didn’t agree with what Vaggo was trying to do for his kind. They called him cruel and insensitive. They’d argued humans were more than able to live amicably with them. Studying their ancestors from afar had only showed him that they would never be able to evolve and embrace their way of life. They’d come, not to take over, but to save them from their-selves. Vaggo had even taken a human mate. Lora had been everything to him, but in the end because of their differences he’d lost her. Right on the cusp of discovering a way for them to be together long term, he’d lost her to disease. Then the first Uni-war had broken out and there were major devastations on both sides.

Earth had been ground zero, and in the end sustained so much damage that even humans couldn’t live in its environment. Some had escaped off planet, while other’s remained behind to try and fix earth’s problem. Vaggo had stayed behind as well, trying to fix his ancestral home. All life had started from Gaia, Mother Earth and she sent her seeds far and wide across the known and unknown universes, and for her blessings they’d destroyed her and her sister, The Moon Goddess. What was left of the moon now caused serious eye irritation and blindness if proper precautions weren’t taken. Cosmic dust from the moon’s surface was deadly.

It had been complete chaos during the United Federations of the Universes second Uni-war. Agreements were broken and treaties were put into place to stop the fallouts as a result. The one nutrient that was needed among their kind had been rendered obsolete. There were stragglers out there Vaggo knew, but none would come willingly to their ancestors they deemed monsters of the night. Vampires as they were called by humans, and Pars to everyone else. Pars had been a term given to them by the Celestrials. There were other Pars out there, parasitic in nature, beings that lived off another breathing host in order to survive. To every myth lies the truth.

Vaggo sighed as he watched Genesis on the vid as she waited for Adam Reynard, the Chancellor’s son. Genesis Blackmore was now the last surviving human on what was left from Old Earth. She was the upgraded version of course, but still human. He’d given the council everything and now they wanted his daughter. He wouldn’t give her to them, not truly. If they knew what she really was, he’d be killed and she would be thrown into a cage, and experimented on.

They had their harvested humans, sure, but they were not living breathing humans, they were kept in meat lockers and harvested for the one thing they all needed to survive- blood. Letting Genesis go to the Academy was the only way for Vaggo to not appear suspicious. She’d tested well enough and she only needed one rotation at the academy. Where other’s her age would be starting their first rotation and continuing until they were graduates, she only needed the one rotation. He’d told the council she was his daughter from an unwedded communion between himself and another faction from the south tier of the planet. Vyrkolakas’ skin was darker and their eyes varied in color, and Vaggo knew they wouldn’t investigate his claims as they considered southerners vile and barbaric. They’d accepted that excuse and part of their stipulation for Vaggo having an unsanctioned child was for her to go to the academy like the rest of the maturing adults. Genesis would be home every lunar cycle and then again at harvest. The Chancellor’s son Adam was escorting her and would set her up to be acceptable in most all social circles. No one would suspect anything other than the obvious.

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  1. Paranormal romance is by far my favorite genre to read.

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